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PDFWAC 296-403A-170

Amusement ride inspector qualifications.

An amusement ride inspector must meet the following minimum qualifications:
(1) Two years experience with an insurance company as an amusement ride inspector; or
(2) Two years experience inspecting amusement rides and enforcing amusement ride codes while employed by a state or other governmental body regulating amusement rides; or
(3) Not less than five years documented field operating and maintenance experience with amusement rides and devices, including responsibility for erection, assembly, disassembly; personnel supervision responsibility for erection, maintenance, and operating functions; or
(4) Not less than ten years documented practical experience in the design, construction, maintenance, repair, field inspection, and operation of amusement rides and devices as an authorized representative of a recognized amusement ride manufacturer; and
(5) In addition to the above criteria an amusement ride inspector must be certified by the department after demonstrating competency by:
(a) Passing a competency examination administered by the department; or
(b) Passing a test administered by the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials for NAARSO Level II or other certification organizations recognized by the department, as an amusement ride inspector.
Those individuals who are certified by the department before December 31, 2000, will have until December 31, 2003, to take and successfully pass one of the examinations in (a) or (b) of this subsection. Individuals with at least ten years as an amusement ride inspector may become certified without testing if they were certified with the department on December 31, 2000.
(6) An amusement ride inspector may work without certification, as a trainee, if directly and continually supervised during the inspection process by a certified amusement ride inspector.
(7) This section does not apply to insurers or a person with whom the insurer has contracted with per RCW 67.42.020(2).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.28.010, 19.28.031, 19.28.061, 19.28.101, 19.28.171, 19.28.191, 19.28.201, 19.28.251, 19.28.271, 19.28.311, 19.28.321, 67.42.020, 67.42.025, 67.42.050, and chapters 19.28 and 67.42 RCW. WSR 02-21-103, ยง 296-403A-170, filed 10/22/02, effective 11/22/02.]
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