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PDFWAC 296-310-030

Denial of license.

(1) The department may refuse to issue or renew a license for the reasons listed in RCW 19.30.050 and 19.30.060. If the department refuses a license for any of these reasons, it shall serve on the contractor a notice of denial of license. The notice of denial of license shall:
(a) Describe concisely the ground for denial of the license; and
(b) Specify the statutory authority for the denial.
The notice of denial shall inform the contractor that it may request a hearing pursuant to WAC 296-310-160 on the denial. The notice shall specify that if no hearing is requested within thirty days of the date of issuance of the notice the director shall issue a final, unappealable order denying the license.
(2) The department also shall refuse to issue a license to or renew the license of a contractor who fails to comply with WAC 296-310-020. The department shall inform the contractor of the problem either in writing or, if appropriate, orally. Because compliance with WAC 296-310-020 involves technical requirements that are entirely within the control of the contractor, no hearing shall be granted on a failure to comply.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.30.130. WSR 86-01-027 (Order 85-34), ยง 296-310-030, filed 12/11/85.]
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