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PDFWAC 296-307-41051

Requirements that apply to appliances.

(1) New commercial and industrial gas consuming appliances must be approved.
Any appliance that was originally manufactured for operation with a gaseous fuel other than LP-gas and is in good condition may be used with LP-gas only after it is properly converted, adapted, and tested for performance with LP-gas before the appliance is placed in use.
(2) Unattended heaters used inside buildings for the purpose of animal or poultry production or care must have an approved automatic device designed to shut off the flow of gas to the main burners, and pilot if used, in case the flame goes out.
(3) All commercial, industrial, and agricultural appliances or equipment must be installed according to the requirements of these standards and according to the following:
(a) Domestic and commercial appliances, NFPA 54-1969, Standard for the Installation of Gas Appliances and Gas Piping.
(b) Industrial appliances, NFPA 54A-1969, Standard for the Installation of Gas Piping and Gas Equipment on Industrial Premises and Certain Other Premises.
(c) Standard for the Installation and Use of Stationary Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines, NFPA 37-1970.
(d) Standard for the Installation of Equipment for the Removal of Smoke and Grease-Laden Vapors from Commercial Cooking Equipment, NFPA 96-1970.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, 49.17.040, 49.17.050, and 49.17.060. WSR 20-21-091, § 296-307-41051, filed 10/20/20, effective 11/20/20. WSR 97-09-013, recodified as § 296-307-41051, filed 4/7/97, effective 4/7/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.040, [49.17.]050 and [49.17.]060. WSR 96-22-048, § 296-306A-41051, filed 10/31/96, effective 12/1/96.]
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