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PDFWAC 296-307-36636

Grounding high voltage systems.

Grounded high voltage (1000 volts or more) systems and circuits must meet all requirements of WAC 296-307-366 and the additional requirements of this section.
(1) Systems supplying portable or mobile high voltage equipment, other than substations installed on a temporary basis, must meet the following requirements:
(a) Portable and mobile high voltage equipment must be supplied from a system having its neutral grounded through an impedance. If a delta-connected high voltage system is used to supply the equipment, a system neutral must be derived.
(b) Exposed noncurrent-carrying metal parts of portable and mobile equipment must be connected by an equipment grounding conductor to the point at which the system neutral impedance is grounded.
(c) Ground-fault detection and relaying must be provided to automatically deenergize any high voltage system component that has developed a ground fault. The continuity of the equipment grounding conductor must be continuously monitored to deenergize automatically the high voltage feeder to the portable equipment on loss of continuity of the equipment grounding conductor.
(d) The grounding electrode to which the portable or mobile equipment system neutral impedance is connected must be isolated from and separated in the ground by at least 20 feet from any other system or equipment grounding electrode. There must be no direct connection between the grounding electrodes, such as buried pipe, fence, etc.
(2) All noncurrent-carrying metal parts of portable equipment and fixed equipment including their associated fences, housings, enclosures, and supporting structures must be grounded. However, equipment that is guarded by location and isolated from ground need not be grounded. Additionally, pole-mounted distribution apparatus over 8 feet above ground or grade level need not be grounded.
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