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PDFWAC 296-305-06505

Sanitation, disinfection, cleaning, and storage areas.

(1) Fire departments must provide facilities for disinfecting, cleaning, and storage.
(2) A designated cleaning area must be provided for under the fire department's exposure control plan for the cleaning and disinfecting of protective equipment, portable equipment, and other clothing.
(a) Fire departments that engage in emergency medical operations must provide or have access to disinfecting facilities for the cleaning and disinfecting of emergency medical equipment.
(b) Disinfecting must not be conducted in fire station kitchen, living, sleeping, or personal hygiene areas.
(c) Disinfecting facilities in fire stations must be vented to the outside environment, and designed to prevent contamination of other fire station areas.
(d) The disinfecting facility must contain a sink with hot and cold water faucets. All surfaces must be nonporous surfaces.
(e) Handwashing facilities must be readily accessible to members. Handwashing facility means a facility providing an adequate supply of running potable water, soap and single use towels or hot air drying machines. When provision of handwashing facilities is not feasible, the employer must provide either an appropriate antiseptic hand cleaner in conjunction with clean cloth/paper towelettes or antiseptic towelettes.
(3) Protective clothing or equipment that is contaminated or potentially contaminated must not be allowed in any kitchen, living, sleeping, personal hygiene or other nonwork area.
(4) The designated cleaning area must be physically separate from areas used for food preparation, cleaning of food and cooking utensils, personal hygiene, sleeping, and living areas.
(5) Drying areas for protective clothing must be well ventilated.
(6) Storage areas: Emergency medical supplies and equipment stored in fire stations, other than that stored on vehicles, must be stored in a dedicated enclosure and maintained per manufacturer's instructions.
(7) Reusable emergency medical supplies and equipment, protective clothing, and protective equipment must not be stored in kitchen, living, sleeping, or personal hygiene areas, nor must it be stored in personal clothing lockers.
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