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PDFWAC 296-305-04503

Automotive fire apparatus equipment.

(1) Vehicles used to transport firefighters and employer representatives must have compartments for carrying sharp tools, saws, chisels, axes, etc., or if carried on the outside of the apparatus, equipment with sharp points and edges must be covered to prevent injury to firefighters and employer representatives.
(2) Personnel restraints for traveling.
(a) All persons riding on fire apparatus must be seated and secured to the vehicle by seat belts or safety harnesses at any time the vehicle is in motion.
(b) Seat belts must comply with U.S. Department of Transportation Part 49 C.F.R. Section 571, Standards 209 and 210.
(c) Riding on tailsteps or in any other exposed position such as sidesteps or running boards must be specifically prohibited.
(d) Standing while riding must be specifically prohibited.
(e) Members actively performing necessary emergency medical care while the vehicle is in motion must be restrained to the extent consistent with the effective provision of such emergency medical care. All other persons in the vehicle must be seated and belted in approved seating positions while the vehicle is in motion.
(f) Fire departments permitting hose loading operations while the vehicle is in motion must develop a written policy and guidelines addressing all safety aspects.
Policy and operating guidelines should address:
1. The assigning of a member as a safety observer who should have an unobstructed view of the hose loading operation and be in visual and voice contact with the driver.
2. Allowed maximum fire apparatus speed when hose loading;
3. Control of nonfire department vehicular traffic; and
4. Allowing members in the hose bed, but limit standing to only when the vehicle is not moving.
See WAC 296-305-07018(3) for exceptions for wildland vehicles.
(3) Each fire apparatus must carry a current U.S. Department of Transportation Emergency Response Guidebook in hardcopy or in electronic form for viewing on a digital reading device.
(4) Ladders stowed on the sides of apparatus, which protrude past the tailboard, must have guards over the protruding ends.
(5) No employer must permit automotive fire apparatus equipment which has an obstructed view to the rear, to be used in reverse gear unless the equipment has in operation a reverse signal alarm distinguishable from the surrounding noise level.
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