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PDFWAC 296-304-010

Scope and application.

(1) The provisions and standards of the general safety and health standards, chapters 296-24, 296-62 and 296-800 WAC, and such other codes and standards as are promulgated by the department of labor and industries which are applicable to all industries, shall be applicable in the ship repairing, shipbuilding, or shipbreaking industries whenever the employees are covered under the Washington State Industrial Safety and Health Act, chapter 49.17 RCW. The rules of this chapter and the rules of the aforementioned chapters 296-24, 296-62, and 296-800 WAC are applicable to all ship repairing, shipbuilding, and shipbreaking industries and operations, provided that such rules shall not be applicable to those operations under the exclusive safety jurisdiction of the federal government.
(2) The responsibility for compliance with these regulations is placed upon "employers" as defined in WAC 296-304-01001.
(3) It is not the intent of these regulations to place additional responsibilities or duties on owners, operators, agents or masters of vessels unless such persons are acting as employers, nor is it the intent of these regulations to relieve such owners, operators, agents or masters of vessels from responsibilities or duties now placed upon them by law, regulation or custom.
(4) The responsibilities placed upon the competent person herein shall be deemed to be the responsibilities of the employer.
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