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PDFWAC 296-301-020

General safety requirements.

(1) Means of stopping machines. Every textile machine must be provided with individual mechanical or electrical means for stopping such machines. On machines driven by belts and shafting a locking-type shifter or an equivalent positive device must be used. On operations where injury to the operator might result if motors were to restart after power failures, provision must be made to prevent machines from automatically restarting upon restoration of power.
(2) Handles. Stopping and starting handles must be designed to the proper length to prevent the worker's hand or fingers from striking against any revolving part, gear guard, or any other part of the machine.
(3) Machine guarding. You must ensure that power transmission parts are guarded according to the requirements of WAC 296-24-205 through 296-24-20527.
(4) Housekeeping. Aisles and working spaces must be kept in good order in accordance with requirements of WAC 296-24-735 through 296-24-73505 and WAC 296-800-220.
(5) Inspection and maintenance. All guards and other safety devices, including starting and stopping devices, must be properly maintained.
(6) Lighting and illumination must conform to the safety and health core rule book, WAC 296-800-210.
(7) Identification of piping systems must conform to American National Standard A13.1-1956.
(8) Steam pipes. All pipes carrying steam or hot water for process or servicing machinery, when exposed to contact and located within seven feet of the floor or working platform must be covered with a heat-insulating material, or guarded with equivalent protection.
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