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PDFWAC 296-24-24519

Other requirements.

(1) Guards.
(a) You must ensure that exposed moving parts, such as gears, ropes, setscrews, projecting keys, chains, chain sprockets, and reciprocating components, which constitute a hazard under normal operating conditions are guarded.
(b) You must ensure that guards are securely fastened.
(c) You must ensure that each guard is capable of supporting without permanent distortion, the weight of a two hundred-pound person unless the guard is located where it is impossible for a person to step on it.
(2) Hooks.
(a) You must ensure that hooks meet the manufacturer's recommendations and shall not be overloaded.
(b) You must use safety latch type hooks or you must mouse the hooks.
(3) Fire extinguishers.
(a) You must keep a carbon dioxide, dry chemical, or equivalent fire extinguisher in the immediate vicinity of the derrick.
(b) Operating and maintenance personnel must be familiar with the use and care of the fire extinguishers proved.
(4) Refueling.
(a) You must do refueling with portable containers using approved safety type containers equipped with automatic closing spout and flame arrester. Refer to WAC 296-24-58501(19) for definition of approved.
(b) You must not refuel machines with the engine running.
(5) Operating near electric powerlines. For operations near overhead electric lines see chapter 296-24 WAC Part L.
(6) Cab or operating enclosure.
(a) You must store necessary clothing and personal belongings in such a manner as to not interfere with access or operation.
(b) You must store tools, oilcans, waste, extra fuses, and other necessary articles in the toolbox, and you must not permit them to lie loose in or about the cab or operating enclosure.
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