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PDFWAC 296-24-23507

Footwalks and ladders.

(1) Location of footwalks.
(a) If sufficient headroom is available on cab-operated cranes, you must provide a footwalk on the drive side along the entire length of the bridge of all cranes having the trolley running on the top of the girders. To give sufficient access to the opposite side of the trolley, you should provide either a footwalk mounted on the trolley, a suitable footwalk or platform in the building, or a footwalk on the opposite side of the crane at least twice the length of the trolley.
(b) You must ensure that footwalks are located to give a headroom not less than 78 inches. You must provide a minimum of 48 inches. If you cannot provide 48 inches of headroom, you should omit footwalks from the crane and build a stationary platform or landing stage for workers making repairs.
(2) Construction of footwalks.
(a) You must ensure that footwalks are of rigid construction and designed to sustain a distributed load of at least 50 pounds per square foot.
(b) You must ensure that footwalks have a walking surface of antislip type.
Wood will meet this requirement.
(c) You must ensure that footwalks are continuous and permanently secured.
(d) Footwalks should have a clear passageway at least 18 inches wide except opposite the bridge motor, where they should be not less than 15 inches. The inner edge must extend at least to the line of the outside edge of the lower cover plate or flange of the girder.
(3) Toeboards and handrails for footwalks. Toeboards and handrails must be in compliance with WAC 296-24-750 through 296-24-75011 and WAC 296-800-260.
(4) Ladders and stairways.
(a) You must provide gantry cranes with ladders or stairways extending from the ground to the footwalk or cab platform.
(b) You must equip stairways with rigid and substantial metal handrails. You must ensure that walking surfaces are of an antislip type.
(c) You must permanently and securely fasten ladders in place and ensure that they are constructed in compliance with chapter 296-876 WAC, Ladders, portable and fixed.
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