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PDFWAC 296-23-240

Licensed nursing rules.

(1) Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses may perform private duty nursing care in industrial injury cases when the attending physician deems this care necessary. Registered nurses may be reimbursed for services as outlined by department policy. (See chapter 296-20 WAC for home nursing rules.)
(2) Advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) may perform advanced and specialized levels of nursing care on a fee for service basis in industrial injury cases within the limitations of this section. ARNPs may be reimbursed for services as outlined by department policy.
(3) In order to treat workers under the Industrial Insurance Act, the advanced registered nurse practitioner must be:
(a) Recognized by the Washington state board of nursing or other government agency as an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP). For out-of-state nurses an equivalent title and training may be approved at the department's discretion.
(b) Capable of providing the department with evidence and documentation of a reliable and rapid system of obtaining physician consultations.
(4) Billing procedures outlined in the medical aid rules and fee schedules apply to all nurses.
[Statutory Authority: 2004 c 65 and 2004 c 163. WSR 04-22-085, § 296-23-240, filed 11/2/04, effective 12/15/04. Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020. WSR 03-21-069, § 296-23-240, filed 10/14/03, effective 12/1/03. Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020, 51.04.030 and 1993 c 159. WSR 93-16-072, § 296-23-240, filed 8/1/93, effective 9/1/93.]
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