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PDFWAC 296-23-220

Physical therapy rules.

Practitioners should refer to WAC 296-20-010 through 296-20-125 for general information and rules pertaining to the care of workers.
Refer to WAC 296-20-132 and 296-20-135 regarding the use of conversion factors.
All supplies and materials must be billed using HCPCS Level II codes. Refer to chapter 296-21 WAC for additional information. HCPCS codes are listed in the fee schedules.
Refer to chapter 296-20 WAC (WAC 296-20-125) and to the department's billing instructions for additional information.
Physical therapy treatment will be reimbursed only when ordered by the worker's attending doctor and rendered by a licensed physical therapist, a physical therapist assistant serving under the direction of a licensed physical therapist as required in RCW 18.74.180 (3)(a), or a licensed athletic trainer serving under the direction of a licensed physical therapist as required in RCW 18.250.010 (4)(a)(v). In addition, physician assistants may order physical therapy under these rules for the attending doctor. Doctors rendering physical therapy should refer to WAC 296-21-290.
The department or self-insurer will review the quality and medical necessity of physical therapy services provided to workers. Practitioners should refer to WAC 296-20-01002 for the department's rules regarding medical necessity and to WAC 296-20-024 for the department's rules regarding utilization review and quality assurance.
The department or self-insurer will pay for a maximum of one physical therapy visit per day. When multiple treatments (different billing codes) are performed on one day, the department or self-insurer will pay either the sum of the individual fee maximums, the provider's usual and customary charge, or $127.70 whichever is less. These limits will not apply to physical therapy that is rendered as part of a physical capacities evaluation, work hardening program, or pain management program, provided a qualified representative of the department or self-insurer has authorized the service.
The department will publish specific billing instructions, utilization review guidelines, and reporting requirements for physical therapists who render care to workers.
Use of diapulse or similar machines on workers is not authorized. See WAC 296-20-03002 for further information.
A physical therapy progress report must be submitted to the attending doctor and the department or the self-insurer following twelve treatment visits or one month, whichever occurs first. Physical therapy treatment beyond initial twelve treatments will be authorized only upon substantiation of improvement in the worker's condition. An outline of the proposed treatment program, the expected restoration goals, and the expected length of treatment will be required.
Physical therapy services rendered in the home and/or places other than the practitioner's usual and customary office, clinic, or business facilities will be allowed only upon prior authorization by the department or self-insurer.
No inpatient physical therapy treatment will be allowed when such treatment constitutes the only or major treatment received by the worker. See WAC 296-20-030 for further information.
The department may discount maximum fees for treatment performed on a group basis in cases where the treatment provided consists of a nonindividualized course of therapy (e.g., pool therapy; group aerobics; and back classes).
Biofeedback treatment may be rendered on doctor's orders only. The extent of biofeedback treatment is limited to those procedures allowed within the scope of practice of a licensed physical therapist. See chapter 296-21 WAC for rules pertaining to conditions authorized and report requirements.
Billing codes and reimbursement levels are listed in the fee schedules.
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