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PDFWAC 296-20-17002


In addition to the billing procedures described in WAC 296-20-125 and in department policy the current national drug code number for each prescribed drug, followed by the average wholesale price to the pharmacy must be entered on each prescription. The department's statement for pharmacy services must be used when billing the department for NDC medications and supplies. The department's statement for miscellaneous services must be used when billing the department for non-NDC medications and supplies. In addition, the claimant's name, claim number, date of injury, prescribing doctor's name and department of labor and industries provider number; and the assigned department provider number for the pharmacy must be on the bill. Bills for medication not containing this information will be returned to the pharmacy. Billing must be made within one year of the date of service. It is requested bills be presented on a monthly basis.
When billing the department for compound prescriptions, providers must use the "Statement for Compound Prescriptions."
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