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PDFWAC 296-20-071

Concurrent treatment.

In some cases, treatment by more than one practitioner may be allowed. The department or self-insurer will consider concurrent treatment when the accepted conditions resulting from the injury involve more than one system and/or require specialty or multidisciplinary care.
When requesting consideration for concurrent treatment, the attending doctor must provide the department or self-insurer with the following:
The name, address, discipline, and specialty of all other practitioners assisting in the treatment of the injured worker and an outline of their responsibility in the case and an estimate of the length of the period of concurrent care.
When concurrent treatment is allowed, the department or self-insurer will recognize one primary attending provider, who will be responsible for directing the over-all treatment program, including monitoring or prescribing medications when appropriate, providing copies of all reports and other data received from the involved practitioners and, in time loss cases, providing adequate certification evidence of the worker's inability to work. The department or self-insurer may allow a concurrent care provider to prescribe medications. In such cases, the concurrent care provider is required to send the attending provider and the department or self-insurer all required reports, including a report of the medications prescribed.
The department or self-insurer will approve concurrent care on a case-by-case basis. Consideration will be given to all factors in the case including availability of providers in the worker's geographic location.
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