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PDFWAC 296-19A-637

How are vocational counseling and job placement services delivered?

(1) Beginning the date Option 2 benefits are granted, the worker can enlist the services of a qualified vocational rehabilitation provider.
(a) The worker and vocational provider must create a service agreement focused on the worker's goals. The agreement must clearly state:
(i) The worker's vocational goals.
(ii) The list of planned vocational services.
(iii) The worker's and vocational provider's responsibilities in fulfilling the agreement.
(iv) The total estimated hours and cost of planned services. 
(b) Both the worker and the vocational provider must sign the agreement.
(2) At the end of each meeting with the worker the vocational provider must complete the department's Option 2 vocational services report form, listing updates since the previous report including:
(a) Names and provider numbers of all providers rendering services;
(b) Services delivered;
(c) Progress, including goals reached;
(d) Next steps; and
(e) Service hours and costs.
(3) Both the vocational provider and worker must sign each report form to verify it is correct and acceptable, and then the vocational provider must give a copy to the worker and send a copy to the department or self-insured employer.
(4) The vocational provider may not bill the department or the self-insured employer for the completion of the Option 2 vocational services report form.
(5) The worker may switch to a different qualified vocational provider any time during the five-year Option 2 training period if there are enough training funds left of the ten percent allowed to spend on Option 2 vocational services.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020, 51.04.030 and 2015 c 137. WSR 17-19-089, § 296-19A-637, filed 9/19/17, effective 10/20/17.]
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