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PDFWAC 296-19A-340

For what services will the department not pay?

The following services are considered overhead and the department will not pay for these services:
(1) Administrative and supervisory salaries and related personnel expenses;
(2) Office rent;
(3) Depreciation;
(4) Equipment purchase and rental;
(5) Telephone expenses including long distance phone call charges;
(6) Postage;
(7) Shipping;
(8) Expendable supplies;
(9) Printing costs;
(10) Copier costs;
(11) Printing of fiche and department electronic files;
(12) Maintenance and repair;
(13) Taxes;
(14) Automobile costs and maintenance;
(15) Insurance;
(16) Dues and subscriptions;
(17) Vacation, sick leave, and other expenses of a similar nature;
(18) Internal staffing time;
(19) Filing of material in case files;
(20) Setting up files;
(21) Activities associated with reports other than composing or dictating complete draft of the report (e.g., editing, filing, distribution, revising, typing, and mailing);
(22) Generating and keeping internal recordkeeping forms;
(23) Time spent on any administrative and clerical activity, including typing, copying, mailing, distributing, filing, payroll, recordkeeping, delivering mail, picking up mail;
(24) Activities associated with counselor training, general discussion regarding office procedures, internal case file reviews by supervisors, meetings, and seminars;
(25) Unanswered phone calls; and
(26) Any other item or service not specifically identified and separately billable.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020, 51.04.030, 51.32.095, 51.36.100, 51.36.110. WSR 00-18-078, ยง 296-19A-340, filed 9/1/00, effective 6/1/01.]
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