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PDFWAC 296-17A-7203

Classification 7203.

7203-00 Offenders: Community service work
Applies to adult and juvenile offenders who are under jurisdiction of the state or local law enforcement agencies and who are authorized to perform community service work for state agencies, and other government or public benefit nonprofit corporations.
Some offenders perform these services in lieu of imprisonment and the work is for the benefit of the entity requesting services. The work may include a wide range of duties, all of which are included in this classification.
Special notes: This classification is assigned only if the agency or organization for which the service is being provided elects to cover their community service workers (RCW 51.12.045). To add this coverage, the department must receive a completed application for elective coverage of excluded employments form F213-112-000 from the entity prior to the entity receiving the offenders' services.
Public benefit nonprofit corporations are described in RCW 24.03.005(17).
Juvenile offenders under a diversion agreement contract are described in RCW 13.40.080.
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