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PDFWAC 296-17A-7117

Classification 7117.

7117-00 Temporary staffing services: Manufacturing operations, N.O.C.; specialty trades
This classification applies to employees of a temporary staffing company who are assigned on a temporary basis to a client customer engaged in a variety of manufacturing and processing operations. This classification includes employees who may operate power driven equipment or machinery such as, but not limited to, forklifts, table saws, drill presses, industrial packaging and processing equipment or machinery N.O.C. This classification includes occupations such as, but not limited to, machinists, mechanics, welders, tool and die makers, cabinet makers, painters, and fabricators. This classification also includes employees of a temporary staffing company who work in the specialty trades of plumbing, electrical wiring, or sheet metal work either at a plant or a construction site. Businesses or industries contemplated by this classification include, but are not limited to, cabinet shops, wood products manufacturers, plastic goods manufacturers, fiberglass goods manufacturers, glass manufacturers, foundries, metal goods manufacturers, brick, cement or masonry products manufacturers; lumber remanufacturers, amusement parks, sign painting shops, and laundries, but does not apply to shake or shingle mills.
This classification excludes all employees of a temporary staffing company assigned to work for a client customer at a construction site except the specialty trades described above. This classification also excludes employees of a temporary staffing company who are assigned to work in maritime trades subject to Washington workers' compensation laws who are to be reported separately in classification 7120.
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