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WAC 296-17A-6511

Classification 6511.

Chore services/home care assistants
Applies to:
Entities providing chore services/home care assistants to private individuals.
Chore services performed by the chore workers/home care assistants include, but are not limited to:
• General household chores;
• Meal planning and preparation;
• Shopping and errands, either with or without the client;
• Personal care, such as bathing, body care, dressing, and help with ambulating;
• Companionship.
Some common terms to describe these types of services include supported living, tenant support, and intensive tenant support services.
Also included in this classification are:
• Supervising visits between children and parents, including transporting the child;
• Packing up senior homes;
• Organizing homes prior to customers putting a home on the market;
• Organizing homes prior to customers having an estate auction;
• Pet sitting;
• House sitting.
Excluded activities in this classification:
• Firms involved in organizing homes and also conducting estate auctions (report in 6603).
• Social workers and dieticians employed by home health care service establishments (report in 6303-21). Workers in classification 6303-21 are teaching people living with physical or developmental disabilities living in their own home to manage daily living skills such as caring for themselves, dressing, cooking, etc. Workers in classification 6511 are performing this work as a service to individuals.
• Individuals working under a welfare special works training program (report in classification 6505).
• Residential cleaning or janitorial services (report in classification 6602).
• Skilled or semi-skilled nursing care (report in classification 6110).
• Home health care providers covered under the Washington state home care referral registry (report in classification 6512).
• Household furnishings moving and storage (report in classification 6907).
• Staging services (report in classification 0607).
• Any construction related work. Example: If a business builds shelving as part of organizing homeowner's personal belongings, this employer would not be eligible to report in classification 6511.
For administrative purposes, classification 6511 is divided into the following subclassification(s):
6511-00 Chore services/home care assistants
6511-20 Community action organizations - Chore services/home care assistants
Applies to organizations providing two or more services to support the local community and people in need. See subclassifications 1501-20, 4904-20, and 5308-20 for other community action organization classifications. If the entity provides only chore services, then 6511-00 applies.
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