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WAC 296-17A-3909

Classification 3909.

3909-00 Caterers
Applies to establishments engaged in catering operations. This classification includes the preparation and serving of food and beverages for customers who have arranged for their services for social and business events such as weddings, parties, bar mitzvahs, meetings or banquets. Foods prepared and served range from deli trays, sandwiches, box lunches, and buffets, to full meals. The food may be prepared at the caterer's own facility and delivered to the customer's location or may be prepared at the customer's location. Catering services include, but are not limited to, event planning, arranging tables, decorations, supplying utensils and dishes, bartending, waiting and busing tables, and taking care of leftover food and related clean-up after the event. This classification also includes catering to airlines which involves preparing various foods and direct delivery to the airline with special trucks that maintain hot or cold foods. This classification also applies to food services provided by communities or civic/social organizations to local residents who, because of physical disability or age, are unable to prepare their own food. The food is prepared and delivered to the client's home.
This classification excludes street vendors or route food services which are to be reported separately in classification 1101.
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