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PDFWAC 296-17A-2203

Classification 2203.

2203-00 Laundries - Commercial or industrial: N.O.C.
Applies to establishments engaged in laundering operations which are not covered by another classification (N.O.C.). In addition to linen, uniform or diaper services, these establishments may launder other goods such as, but not limited to, protective apparel (flame, heat, or chemical resistant), dust control items (treated mops, rugs, mats, dust cloths), and wiping towels. These items may belong to the commercial or industrial laundry and rented to users, or they may be the customers' own goods. Operations include, but are not limited to, soliciting new customers by route supervisors or drivers, collecting and delivering, marking, weighing and sorting laundry, washing, extracting, tumbling, starching, drying, machine or hand ironing, making repairs or alterations, folding and wrapping. This classification also contemplates employees such as counter personnel, receiving clerks, sorters and markers at collection or distribution stores operated on the premises where laundering is performed.
This classification excludes laundry and dry cleaning establishments providing services primarily to retail walk-in customers which are to be reported separately in classification 2201; self-service, coin-operated laundry or dry cleaning establishments which are to be reported separately in classification 2204; and carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning establishments which are to be reported separately in classification 2202.
Special note: This classification also covers establishments specializing in stone washing jeans or "contract dyeing" for commercial or industrial businesses and the cleaning of nonfabric items, such as venetian blinds, plastic goods or computer parts when done at the laundry facility.
[WSR 07-01-014, recodified as § 296-17A-2203, filed 12/8/06, effective 12/8/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 51.16.035. WSR 98-18-042, § 296-17-56601, filed 8/28/98, effective 10/1/98; WSR 87-12-032 (Order 87-12), § 296-17-56601, filed 5/29/87, effective 7/1/87.]
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