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PDFWAC 296-17A-1005

Classification 1005.

1005-02 Shake and/or shingle mills
Applies to:
Businesses engaged in the operation and maintenance of a shake and/or shingle mill.
Products manufactured include, but are not limited to:
• Shakes - Roofing or siding material having at least one surface with a natural grain textured split surface;
• Shingles - Roofing or siding material having sawn faces and backs and of a standard thickness at the butt end and tapered finish at the other end; and
• Ridge caps - Produced from two pieces nailed together to form a "v" shape placed on the center line of a roof.
Work activities include, but are not limited to:
• Receiving raw logs which are cut and split into shakes, shingles, and ridge caps;
• Temporarily storing raw logs in the yard;
• Loading raw logs onto a conveyor or log slip;
• Cutting the log into rounds;
• Splitting the rounds into blocks;
• Feeding the blocks through a shake or shingle saw;
• Grading, sorting, bundling, and stacking finished shakes, shingles and/or ridge caps.
Machinery and equipment used include, but are not limited to:
• Conveyors;
• Cut-off saws;
• Forklifts;
• Head saws;
• Log loaders;
• Log slips;
• Overhead splitters;
• Pallet presses;
• Shake saws;
• Shingle saws;
• Taper saws.
• Businesses engaged exclusively in the manufacturing of ridge caps or shims are classified in 2903;
• All operations conducted in the woods, such as logging or the cutting and splitting of shake or shingle bolts are classified in the applicable logging classification; and
• Automated shake and shingle mills are classified in 1002, provided the entire process to produce shakes and shingles is automated at the mill site, and meets the requirement defined in WAC 296-17A-1002.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020 and 51.16.035. WSR 23-23-155, § 296-17A-1005, filed 11/21/23, effective 1/1/24. Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020, 51.16.035, and 51.16.100. WSR 12-11-109, § 296-17A-1005, filed 5/22/12, effective 7/1/12. WSR 07-01-014, recodified as § 296-17A-1005, filed 12/8/06, effective 12/8/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 51.16.035. WSR 98-18-042, § 296-17-53502, filed 8/28/98, effective 10/1/98; WSR 96-12-039, § 296-17-53502, filed 5/31/96, effective 7/1/96; WSR 85-24-032 (Order 85-33), § 296-17-53502, filed 11/27/85, effective 1/1/86; WSR 83-24-017 (Order 83-36), § 296-17-53502, filed 11/30/83, effective 1/1/84; WSR 81-24-042 (Order 81-30), § 296-17-53502, filed 11/30/81, effective 1/1/82.]
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