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PDFWAC 296-17A-0518

Classification 0518.

0518-00 Nonwood frame buildings and structures, new construction and repair, N.O.C.
Applies to work on nonwood frame buildings and structures (without regard to size or number of stories) when the superstructure (skeleton framework or building shell) consists of concrete, iron or steel, or a combination of concrete, iron, steel and/or wood, as well as all other building construction not covered by another classification. It includes, but is not limited to, structures such as:
• Waste treatment and waste disposal plants;
• Fish hatcheries;
• Public and commercial (covered and multilevel) parking lots and parking garages;
• Stadiums;
• High-rise office and housing complexes.
Activities include, but are not limited to:
• The set up and tear down of forms;
• Placement of reinforcing steel, rebar, or wire mesh;
• Pouring and finishing concrete within the building or structure such as:
− Foundations;
− Monolithic slabs;
− Ground supported floor pads;
− Precast or poured in place load bearing floors or wall panels;
− Columns;
− Pillars;
− Balconies;
− Stairways.
• The raising and/or standing up (by crane or boom) of concrete:
− Tilt-up walls;
− Precast floors and wall portions;
− Metal frames.
• Securing frame and slabs by:
− Bolts;
- Framing anchors;
- Seismic bearings, springs, and cylinders;
− Rivets;
− Welds.
The installation of exterior doors, door frames, all interior framing, and other interior rough-in carpentry work is reported separately in classification 0516.
All other phases of construction not specific to pouring a concrete foundation, placing or joining the iron or steel framework, or attaching concrete slabs, steel, iron, or wood to building shell, are classified separately according to their phase of construction.
The following structures are classified as indicated:
• 0701 applies to dams.
• 0201 applies to bridges, trestles, viaducts, tunnels, breakwaters, jetties, levees, and dikes.
• 0202 applies to piles, wharfs, piers, and docks.
• 0508 applies to towers, smoke stacks, blast furnaces, silos, windmills, exterior tanks, and derricks.
Classification 0518 is a construction industry classification (see WAC 296-17-31013).
0518-01 Metal carport and service station canopies
Subclassification 0518-01 excludes:
• Nonstructural sheet metal patio cover/carports which are reported separately in classification 0519;
• Wood carports which are reported separately in the applicable framing/siding classifications.
Classification 0518 is a construction industry classification (see WAC 296-17-31013).
0518-03 Building wrecking or demolition - Iron, steel, concrete, or wood
Applies to contractors engaged in wrecking or demolishing iron, steel, concrete, or wood buildings or structures not covered by another classification, whether dismantling board by board, by bulldozer, by crane equipped with a steel ball, explosives, or other means.
Work contemplated by this classification includes:
• Incidental sales of materials;
• Burning or hauling away of debris;
• Barricading the site and walkways;
• Guards and flaggers on-site and in adjacent areas when dismantling operations are underway.
Classification 0518 is a construction industry classification (see WAC 296-17-31013).
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