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PDFWAC 296-17A-0301

Classification 0301.

Applies to:
Contractors engaged in the installation, service and repair of:
• Lawn type sprinkler systems;
• Agriculture sprinkler and irrigation systems, including above or below ground;
• New landscape construction or renovation projects;
• Invisible fence installation, which is used to confine animals within a given area;
• Paver stone installation projects such as, but not limited to: Driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks. Common types of pavers used include brick, concrete and stone.
Common methods of paver installation include:
- Interlocking concrete pavers, which are primarily sand set, but in some cases mortar set;
- Permeable interlocking concrete pavers, which are installed to help reduce stormwater runoff;
- Pedestal set pavers, when used for roof top decks and plaza areas to increase living space, or to meet certain environmental requirements (not acting as a roofing system).
Work contemplated by this classification includes, but is not limited to:
• Producing preliminary drawings of a landscape or renovation project;
• Identifying area of land to be covered, to determine size and amount of pipe and sprinkler heads needed for irrigation/sprinkler system install;
• Preparing the ground (may include tilling and spreading of top soils);
• Trenching;
• Burying wire in trench (invisible fencing);
• Connecting low voltage transmitter box for invisible fencing;
• Installing/repairing sprinkler systems;
• Planting trees, plants or shrubs;
• Planting or replacing grass from seed or sod;
• Installing ground cover material or plastic to retard weeds;
• Placing concrete borders;
• Installing concrete, brick or stone pavers to create walkways, pathways, pool decks, or patios.
Typical machinery includes, but is not limited to:
• Electric power tools;
• Fertilizer spreaders;
• Hand tools/rakes;
• Mowers;
• Small front end loaders;
• Tractors with till attachments;
• Trenchers;
• Wheelbarrows;
• Vibrating plow or pipe pulling machine.
This classification includes:
• Incidental construction of rockery, extruded concrete curbing, fences, ponds, walls, arbors, trellises and gazebos when performed by employee of a landscape contractor as part of a landscape contract.
- If these activities are conducted separately from a landscape contract and not part of a landscape project, they must be reported separately in the classification applicable to the work being performed.
• Incidental construction of walls and rockery performed by employees of a paver stone installation contractor as part of a paver installation contract.
- If these activities are conducted separately from a paver stone installation contract and not part of a paver stone project, they must be reported separately in the classification applicable to the work being performed.
Incidental work is a minor part of an overall project or contract.
Example: A paver installation company creates the driveway, walkways, and patio at a residential home. The company finds that the lawn will slide onto the driveway unless a three foot tall retaining wall the length of the driveway is created. The creation of the retaining wall to protect the driveway is incidental to the paver installation project and may be reported in 0301.
Excluded phases of work:
• Worker hours engaged in open canal type irrigation systems, which are classified in 0108.
• Worker hours engaged in maintenance and cleaning of lawn sprinkler system pipes and heads done in connection with a landscape maintenance contract which are classified in 0308.
• Worker hours engaged in grading, clearing, or contouring of land which are classified in 0101.
• Worker hours engaged in bulkheads not adjacent to water, or similar structures built of rock, which are classified in 0302.
• Worker hours engaged in installation or on-site maintenance of roofing materials composed of impermeable barriers, sod, soil, and plants, sometimes termed landscape roofing, living roofing, or vegetative roofing, which are classified in 0507.
• Worker hours engaged in paver installation on a roof by a roofing contractor, when acting as part of the roofing system, which are classified in 0507.
• Worker hours engaged in installation or maintenance of a landscape roofing irrigation system, which are classified in 0507.
• Worker hours engaged in lawn care maintenance or chemical spraying or fumigating which are classified in 0308.
For rules on assigning and reporting in more than one basic classification, see WAC 296-17-31017 Multiple classifications.
For administrative purposes, classification 0301 is divided into the following subclassifications:
0301-04 Lawn type sprinkler systems: Installation, service or repair
0301-06 Agricultural sprinkler/irrigation systems, N.O.C.: Installation, service or repair
0301-08 Landscape construction operations, N.O.C.
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