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PDFWAC 296-17-930


Any city, town, county, school district, municipal corporation or any other political subdivision, or private nonprofit charitable organization electing to insure qualified volunteers under the authority of RCW 51.12.035 as now or hereafter amended, shall give the department written notice of its intent to provide coverage on a form prescribed by the department. Any employer insuring qualifying volunteers shall choose a reporting method option to apply to all qualifying volunteers. Employers have the option of choosing either:
• Maintaining records of all actual hours of work performed by each qualifying volunteer; or
• Reporting one hundred hours for each qualifying volunteer per calendar year (one hundred-hour cap method) rather than keep a record of actual hours for each qualifying volunteer per calendar year (see WAC 296-17-935).
Election of reporting method is for each calendar year. Electing employers must report all of their qualified volunteers in the same manner each calendar year.
Employers insuring qualifying volunteers must provide their reporting method (by selecting between either: Actual hours per qualifying volunteer or one hundred hours per such volunteer per calendar year) in the first quarter of the calendar year in which coverage for the volunteers is effective, along with the employer's regular quarterly report of payroll as prescribed by the department; see relevant reporting rules, including WAC 296-17-935.
The employer's office records shall include, in addition to records required under WAC 296-17-35201, written:
• Registration of each person who has volunteered; and
• Acceptance by the employer to perform work as a volunteer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020 and 51.16.035. WSR 16-18-085, § 296-17-930, filed 9/6/16, effective 10/7/16; Order 77-27, § 296-17-930, filed 11/30/77, effective 1/1/78; Order 75-28, § 296-17-930, filed 8/29/75, effective 10/1/75.]
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