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PDFWAC 296-155-630

Marine operations and equipment.

(1) Material handling operations. You must perform operations fitting the definition of "material handling" shall be performed in conformance with applicable requirements of "Safety and health regulations for longshoring." The term "longshoring operations" means the loading, unloading, moving, or handling of construction materials, equipment and supplies, etc. into, in, on, or out of any vessel, from a fixed structure or shore-to-vessel, vessel-to-shore or fixed structure or vessel-to-vessel.
(2) Access to barges.
(a) Ramps for access of vehicles to or between barges must be of adequate strength, provided with side boards, well maintained, and properly secured.
(b) Unless employees can step safely to or from the wharf, float, barge, or river towboat, you must provide either a ramp, meeting the requirements of (a) of this subsection, or a safe walkway.
(c) Jacob's ladders must be of the double rung or flat tread type. You must maintain them well and properly secure them.
(d) A Jacob's ladder must either hang without slack from its lashings or be pulled up entirely.
(e) When the upper end of the means of access rests on or is flush with the top of the bulwark, you must ensure that substantial steps, properly secured and equipped with at least one substantial hand rail approximately 33 inches in height, are provided between the top of the bulwark and the deck.
(f) You must not lay obstructions on or across the gangway.
(g) The means of access must be adequately illuminated for its full length.
(h) Unless the structure makes it impossible, the means of access must be so located that the load will not pass over employees.
(3) Working surfaces of barges.
(a) You must not permit employees to walk along the sides of covered lighters or barges with coamings more than 5 feet high, unless there is a 3-foot clear walkway, or a grab rail, or a taut handline is provided.
(b) You must maintain decks and other working surfaces in a safe condition.
(c) You must not permit employees to pass fore and aft, over, or around deckloads, unless there is a safe passage.
(d) You must not permit employees to walk over deckloads from rail to coaming unless there is a safe passage. If it is necessary to stand at the outboard or inboard edge of the deckload where less than 24 inches of bulwark, rail, coaming, or other protection exists, you must provide all employees with a suitable means of protection against falling from the deckload.
(4) First-aid and lifesaving equipment.
(a) Provisions for rendering first aid and medical assistance must be in accordance with Part B of this chapter.
(b) You must ensure that there is in the vicinity of each barge in use at least one U.S. Coast Guard-approved 30-inch life ring with not less than 90 feet of line attached, and at least one portable or permanent ladder which will reach the top of the apron to the surface of the water. If the above equipment is not available at the pier, the employer must furnish it during the time that the employer is working the barge.
(c) You must protect employees walking or working on the unguarded decks of barges with U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices such as Type I PFD, Type II PFD, Type III PFD, or Type V PFD, or their equivalent, pursuant to 46 C.F.R. 160 (Coast Guard Lifesaving Equipment Specifications) and 33 C.F.R. 175.23 (Coast Guard table of devices equivalent to personal flotation devices). Ski belt or inflatable type personal flotation devices are specifically prohibited.
(5) Diving operations. (Reserved.)
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