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PDFWAC 296-155-212

Foot protection.

(1) Substantial footwear, made of leather or other equally firm material, must be worn by employees in any occupation in which there is a danger of injury to the feet through falling or moving objects, or from burning, scalding, cutting, penetration, or like hazard.
(a) The soles and heels of such footwear must be of a material that will not create a slipping hazard.
(b) Shoes made of leather or other firm materials that have soft athletic-type soles which would protect employees from foot injuries and at the same time, provide soft and firm footing while working under specialty requirements or with specialty materials are acceptable if meeting safety shoe requirements established by OSHA or ANSI.
(c) Footwear that has deteriorated to a point where it does not provide the required protection must not be used.
(2) Calks or other suitable footwear, which will afford reasonable protection from slipping, must be worn while working on logs, poles, pilings, or similar forest products.
(3) Traditional tennis shoes, shoes with canvas tops, or thin or soft soled athletic shoes, open toed sandals, slippers, dress shoes or other similar type shoes must not be worn. Soft or athletic-type soles with uppers of leather or other substantial material may be used where firm footing is desired and where minimal danger of injury to feet from falling or moving objects.
(4) Safety-toe footwear for employees must meet the requirements and specifications in American National Standard for Men's Safety-Toe Footwear, Z41.1-1967.
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