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PDFWAC 296-155-205

Head protection.

(1) All employees on any construction site must be provided an individual hard hat which meets all requirements of (a) through (c) of this subsection.
(a) Hard hats for the protection of employees against impact and/or penetration of falling and flying objects must meet the specifications contained in American National Standards Institute, Z89.1-1969, Safety Requirements for Industrial Head Protection.
(b) You must provide each employee with head protection that meets any of the following American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for industrial head protection:
(i) Z89.1-2009;
(ii) Z89.1-2003; or
(iii) Z89.1-1997.
(c) Hard hats for the head protection of employees exposed to high voltage electrical shock and burns must meet the specifications contained in American National Standards Institute, Z89.2-1971.
(2) All employees must have their individual hard hats on site and readily available at all times.
(3) All employees must wear a hard hat on any construction site whenever there is a potential exposure to danger of flying or falling objects to persons working or occupying the area.
The hard hat may be removed whenever there is no potential exposure to a hazard.
(4)(a) Employees working on asphalt paving crews exposed to extreme temperatures from hot mix and not exposed to falling objects do not have to wear protective hard hats.
(b) Flaggers working with asphalt paving operations must comply with the requirements of WAC 296-155-305.
(5) Caps with metal buttons or metal visors must not be worn around electrical hazards.
(6) Employees working near moving machinery or in locations which present a hair-catching or fire hazard must wear caps, nets or other head and face protection that will completely contain the hair.
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