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PDFWAC 296-155-17321

Hygiene facilities and practices.

(1) General.
(a) You must provide decontamination areas for employees required to work in regulated areas or required by WAC 296-155-17319 to wear protective clothing. Exception: In lieu of the decontamination area requirement specified in this subsection, the employer may permit employees engaged in small scale, short duration operations, to clean their protective clothing or dispose of the protective clothing before such employees leave the area where the work was performed.
(b) Change areas. You must ensure that change areas are equipped with separate storage facilities for protective clothing and street clothing, in accordance with WAC 296-24-12011.
(c) Equipment area. You must supply the equipment area with impermeable, labeled bags and containers for the containment and disposal of contaminated protective clothing and equipment.
(2) Shower area.
(a) Where feasible, you must provide shower facilities which comply with WAC 296-24-12010 wherever the possibility of employee exposure to airborne levels of MDA in excess of the permissible exposure limit exists.
(b) Where dermal exposure to MDA occurs, you must ensure that materials spilled or deposited on the skin are removed as soon as possible by methods which do not facilitate the dermal absorption of MDA.
(3) Lunch areas.
(a) Whenever food or beverages are consumed at the worksite and employees are exposed to MDA you must provide clean lunch areas were MDA levels are below the action level and where no dermal exposure to MDA can occur.
(b) You must ensure that employees wash their hands and faces with soap and water prior to eating, drinking, smoking, or applying cosmetics.
(c) You must ensure that employees do not enter lunch facilities with contaminated protective work clothing or equipment.
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