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PDFWAC 296-150R-0630

What happens if my vehicle does not pass inspection?

(1) If your vehicle does not pass inspection, you will receive a notice of noncompliance.
(2) You have ten days after receiving the notice of noncompliance to send us a written response explaining how you will correct the violation(s) and prevent its reoccurrence.
(3) You are not allowed to move, sell or lease a vehicle until:
(a) You correct the violation(s);
(b) We inspect and approve the correction(s); and
(c) You pay the inspection fee and the insignia fee, if required. (See WAC 296-150R-3000.)
(4) If you fail to make the corrections, the sale or lease of your vehicle is prohibited by RCW 43.22.340 until the corrections are made.
You will be allowed to return a vehicle to the manufacturing location or to another location for correction with our approval.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.22.340, [43.22.]355, [43.22.]360, [43.22.]432, [43.22.]440 and [43.22.]480. WSR 96-21-146, ยง 296-150R-0630, filed 10/23/96, effective 11/25/96.]
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