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PDFWAC 296-150P-0400

What constitutes an acceptable quality control program/manual for state-plan insignia?

Your quality control program must implement your approved quality control manual. The quality control manual must provide instructions, procedures, and assign responsibilities to assure quality control requirements are met when the recreational park trailers are manufactured. The minimum quality control manual requirements are:
(1) An organization chart which identifies quality assurance positions and describes quality control responsibilities and accountability for the following plant personnel: General manager, plant production manager, plant foreperson, lead persons, production, quality control, sales, engineering, purchasing, and receiving staff;
(2) A method to distribute all comprehensive design plans and installation instructions or other documentation that ensures all products used are installed correctly in all recreational park trailer models produced at each manufacturing location;
(3) Procedures for maintaining the quality assurance of each recreational park trailer model;
(4) Drawings and procedures displaying manufacturing processes including a schematic plant layout;
(5) Descriptions of production stations, including surge-hold stations, on-site or offsite repair-rework locations, and off-line construction sites. Descriptions should identify by station and location the work, tests, or inspections performed and the job title of the person performing the quality control review;
(6) Inspection and equipment maintenance instructions, including jig maintenance, check-off lists, and other documentation verifying quality control performance and accountability;
(7) Coordination of staff duties ensuring smooth transition of manufacturing responsibilities during the shift change;
(8) Instructions regarding the identification, control, and handling of damaged goods or materials that do not comply with existing rules and ANSI;
(9) Information about recreational park trailer material storage and environmental control including protection from the weather and the elimination of scrap and age-dated materials which have exceeded their life;
(10) Verification that testing equipment is properly calibrated and that your gauges are accurate;
(11) Information about production line testing which includes descriptions of procedures, test equipment, and the location of each test. The information should demonstrate accountability for test completion, for rework and repair, and for retesting;
(12) Instructions, procedures, descriptions, and responsibilities for insignia storage, security, application, and inventory;
(13) Procedures for mixed production lines, for variable production rates, for new or substitute personnel, and for new or changed inspections and tests;
(14) Instructions, procedures, and responsibilities for keeping recreational park trailer records which include the unit serial number, model, plan approval number, dealer location or destination, insignia number, inspection, and test results;
(15) Information about your quality control training program; and
(16) Procedures for introducing new designs, models, materials and equipment to staff that ensures products are built according to the standards and the manufacturer's instructions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.22.340 and 43.22.420. WSR 97-16-043, ยง 296-150P-0400, filed 7/31/97, effective 12/1/97.]
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