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PDFWAC 296-150P-0220

How do I obtain insignia based on state-plan approval?

(1) If you are approved to purchase insignia based on state-plan approval, you may purchase the insignia by submitting the insignia application with the required fees. (See WAC 296-150P-3000.)
(2) The application must be on the department's approved "application for insignia" form F622-021-000 and include a signed statement from you certifying that you are manufacturing your units according to your approved and/or "submitted design plans" and your quality control program.
(3) Insignia may not be purchased for or applied to units for which:
(a) The plans are being approved by a licensed professional in accordance with WAC 296-150P-0315 and have not been assigned a plan approval number by the department; or
(b) The submitted design plans have been at the department less than 10 working days; or
(c) The submitted design plans have been reviewed by the department, and are not approved.
[Statutory Authority: 2023 c 78 and 2023 c 36. WSR 24-13-089, § 296-150P-0220, filed 6/18/24, effective 7/22/24. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.22.340 and 43.22.420. WSR 97-16-043, § 296-150P-0220, filed 7/31/97, effective 12/1/97.]
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