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PDFWAC 296-150I-0180

Alternative education providers—Approval process and compliance.

Pursuant to RCW 43.22A.060, the department may approve education providers to offer the certification training and/or continuing education required by RCW 43.22A.050, 43.22A.070 and this chapter. The factory assembled structures board will review each installer training course and will recommend approval or disapproval of the course to the department. The department will either approve or disapprove the course.
(1) To be considered for approval, an installer certification course must:
• Consist of not less than twelve hours of instruction for new applicants;
• Consist of not less than four hours for continuing education; and
• Be open to monitoring by a representative of the department.
If the department determines that the continuing education course does not meet or exceed the minimum requirements for approval, the department may deny the course approval or reduce the number of credited hours.
(2) The education provider must submit to the department a written proposal including the following:
(a) The education and experience of proposed instructors;
(b) A detailed description of course content and materials; and
(c) The proposed course schedule.
(3) All instructors identified by the education providers must meet the following requirements:
(a) Two years' experience in one or more of the following areas:
(i) Supervising manufactured home installation, service, or repair;
(ii) Design, engineering, or architectural work related to building construction;
(iii) Inspecting manufactured home installation or construction for a local, state, or federal agency;
(iv) Completion of a two-year educational program in a construction-related field; or
(v) A combination of any of the above to meet the two-year requirement; and
(b) Complete the department-sponsored training and pass the certification exam with a score of ninety percent or higher.
(4) The curriculum proposed by the education provider must meet or exceed the department-sponsored training curriculum.
(5) The department must provide the education service provider written notice of approval or rejection as an alternative education service provider within sixty days of submittal of the complete proposal.
(6) All approved alternative education providers must:
(a) Make all necessary arrangements (scheduling class dates/times and facilities) and provide all educational materials for the classes presented;
(b) Provide to the department a list of participants within ten days of each class;
(c) Provide to the participant a certificate of completion. Each certificate must indicate:
(i) The name of participant;
(ii) The date of training;
(iii) A statement indicating the participant has completed the training as required by chapter 43.22A RCW.
(7) The alternative education provider must notify the department in writing fourteen days prior to the scheduled class date of the date, time and location of each class. Department representatives must be permitted to audit any class without fee.
(8) Curriculum changes must be submitted to and approved by the department prior to implementation.
(9) If the application is not approved, the rejection notice will include an explanation of the reason(s) for rejection. If the course sponsor disagrees with the board's decision, the course sponsor may request a reconsideration hearing by the full factory assembled structures advisory board. A request to appeal course rejection must be received by the department forty-five days before a regularly scheduled board meeting.
The course sponsor must submit, to the department, any additional information to be considered during the hearing, in writing, at least thirty days before the board hearing.
The course sponsor must provide at least twenty copies of any written information to be submitted to the board.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.22A RCW and 2007 c 432. WSR 08-12-040, § 296-150I-0180, filed 5/30/08, effective 6/30/08.]
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