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PDFWAC 287-04-038


The following definitions apply to this chapter:
(1) "Transaction involving the board" means a proceeding, application, investment decision, investment agreement, contract, sale, lease, purchase or any other acquisition or disposal of any asset, goods or services, request for a ruling or other determination, claim, case or similar matter that the member or employee in question believes, or has reason to believe:
(a) Is, or will be the subject of board action; or
(b) Is one to which the board is or will be a party; or
(c) Is one in which the board has a direct and substantial proprietary interest.
"Transaction involving the board" does not include the following: Preparation, consideration or enactment of legislation, including appropriation of moneys in a budget, or the performance of legislative duties by a member or employee; or a claim, case, lawsuit, or similar matter if the member or employee did not participate in the underlying transaction involving the board that is the basis for the claim, case or lawsuit. Rule making is not a "transaction involving the board."
(2) "Board action" means any action on the part of the board including, but not limited to:
(a) A decision, determination, finding, ruling, or board order; and
(b) An investment decision or approval of an investment decision, an investment contract or approval of an investment contract, any other contract or approval of such contract, or any other transaction or approval of such transaction, sanction, denial of a transaction or request, or failure to act with respect to a decision, determination, finding, ruling or order.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.33A.110 and 42.52.200. WSR 98-01-138, ยง 287-04-038, filed 12/19/97, effective 1/19/98.]
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