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PDFWAC 286-13-045

Matching resources and request limits.

(1) The board shall establish sponsor matching share requirements and fund request limits as allowed by law. Any changes will normally be done at a board meeting six months before program funding consideration.
(2) When the board gives preference to an applicant that provides a matching resource, it is the intent of the board to do so to foster and demonstrate local commitment to the proposed project, to make funds from a given grant program and revenue source available to a greater number of projects, and to fund projects that are ready to implement without delay.
(3) Applicant resources used to match board funds must be eligible in the grant program. Sources of matching resources include, but are not limited to, any one or more of the following:
(a) Appropriations and cash;
(b) Value of the applicant's expenses for labor, materials, and equipment;
(c) Value of donated real property, labor, services, materials, and equipment use; and
(d) Grant funds, except those from the same grant program administered by the board.
(4) The board may require the applicant to provide a portion of its matching resources in local resources.
(5) State agency projects may be assisted by one hundred percent funding from board funds except where prohibited by law or the board.
(6) Grants from state funds are intended to supplement the existing capacity of a sponsor. They are not intended to supplant existing programs or fund projects that would have been undertaken without grant funding.
(7) Except for grant applications submitted within the same biennium, matching resources or board grant funds committed in one board funded project must not be used as match in another board funded project.
(8) If a matching resource is required or provided in the grant application, it must also conform to the deadlines in WAC 286-13-040.
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