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PDFWAC 284-54-300

Information to be furnished, style.

(1) Each insurance producer, or other representative of an insurer selling or offering benefits that are designed, or represented as being designed, to provide long-term care insurance benefits, shall deliver the disclosure form as set forth in WAC 284-54-350 not later than the time of application for the contract. If an insurance producer has solicited the coverage, the disclosure form shall be signed by that insurance producer and a copy left with the applicant. The insurer shall maintain a copy in its files.
(2) The disclosure form required by this section shall identify the insurer issuing the contract and may contain additional appropriate information in the heading. The informational portion of the form shall be substantially as set forth in WAC 284-54-350 and words emphasized therein shall be underlined or otherwise emphasized in each form issued. The form shall be printed in a style and with a type character that is easily read by an average person eligible for long-term care insurance.
(3) Where inappropriate terms are used in the disclosure form, such as "insurance," "policy," or "insurance company," a fraternal benefit society, health care service contractor, or health maintenance organization shall substitute appropriate terminology.
(4) In completing the form, each subsection shall contain information which succinctly and fairly informs the purchaser as to the contents or coverage in the contract. If the contract provides no coverage with respect to the item, that shall be so stated. Address the form to the reasonable person likely to purchase long-term care insurance.
(5) A policy which provides for the payment of benefits based on standards described as "usual," "customary," or "reasonable" (or any combination thereof), or words of similar import, shall include an explanation of such terms in its disclosure form and in the definitions section of the contract.
(6) If the contract contains any gatekeeper provision which limits benefits or precludes the insured from receiving benefits, such gatekeeper provision shall be fully described.
(7) All insurers shall use the same disclosure form. It is intended that the information provided in the disclosure form will appear in substantially the same format provided to enable a purchaser to compare competing contracts easily.
(8) The information provided shall include the statement: "This is not a medicare supplement policy," and shall otherwise comply with WAC 284-66-120.
(9) The required disclosure form shall be filed by the insurer with the commissioner prior to use in this state.
(10) In any case where the prescribed disclosure form is inappropriate for the coverage provided by the contract, an alternate disclosure form shall be submitted to the commissioner for approval or acceptance prior to use in this state.
(11) Upon request of an applicant or insured, insurers shall make available a disclosure form in a format which meets the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act and which has been approved in advance by the commissioner.
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