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PDFWAC 284-50-375

Required disclosure provisions, general rules.

(1) Each individual disability insurance policy shall include a renewal, continuation, or nonrenewal provision. The language or specifications of such provision must be consistent with the type of contract to be issued. Such provision shall be appropriately captioned, shall appear or bear a prominent reference thereto on the first page of the policy, and shall clearly state the duration, where limited, of renewability and the duration of the term of coverage for which the policy is issued and for which it may be renewed.
(2) Except for riders or endorsements by which the insurer effectuates a request made in writing by the policyholder or exercises a specifically reserved right under the policy, all riders or endorsements added to a policy after date of issue or at reinstatement or renewal which reduce or eliminate benefits or coverage in the policy shall require signed acceptance by the policyholder. After date of policy issue, any rider or endorsement which increases benefits or coverage with a concomitant increase in premium during the policy term must be agreed to by the insured, except if the increased benefits or coverage is required by law.
(3) Where a separate additional premium is charged for benefits provided in connection with a rider or endorsement, such premium charge shall be set forth in the policy.
(4) A policy which provides for the payment of benefits based on standards described as "usual and customary," "reasonable and customary," or words of similar import shall include a definition of such terms and an explanation of such terms in its accompanying outline of coverage.
(5) If a policy contains any limitations with respect to preexisting conditions such limitations must appear as a separate paragraph of the policy and be labeled as "Preexisting Condition Limitations."
(6) All accident only policies shall contain a prominent statement on the first page of the policy or attached thereto in either contrasting color or in boldface type at least equal to the size of type used for policy captions, a prominent statement as follows: "This is an accident only policy and it does not pay benefits for loss from sickness."
(7) All policies, except single premium nonrenewable policies, shall have a notice prominently printed on the first page of the policy or attached thereto stating in substance that the policyholder shall have the right to return the policy within ten days of its delivery and to have the premium refunded if after examination of the policy the policyholder is not satisfied for any reason.
(8) If age is to be used as a determining factor for reducing the maximum aggregate benefits made available in the policy as originally issued, such fact must be prominently set forth in the outline of coverage.
(9) If a policy contains a conversion privilege, it shall comply, in substance, with the following: The caption of the provision shall be "Conversion Privilege," or words of similar import. The provision shall indicate the persons eligible for conversion, the circumstances applicable to the conversion privilege, including any limitations on the conversion (including those with respect to the reimposition of a time limit on certain defenses provision), and the person by whom the conversion privilege may be exercised. The provision shall specify the benefits to be provided on conversion or may state that the converted coverage will be as provided on a policy form then being used by the insurer for that purpose.
[Order R-76-4, ยง 284-50-375, filed 10/29/76, effective 3/1/77.]
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