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PDFWAC 284-50-010

Title and purpose.

(1) This regulation, WAC 284-50-010 through 284-50-230, shall be known and may be cited as the "Washington disability insurance advertising regulation."
(2) The purpose of this regulation is to assure truthful and adequate disclosure of all material and relevant information in the advertising of disability insurance (as defined in RCW 48.11.030), health care service contractors' agreements (as defined in RCW 48.44.020), and health maintenance agreements (as defined in RCW 48.46.020). This purpose is intended to be accomplished by the establishment of, and adherence to, certain minimum standards and guidelines of conduct in the advertising of disability insurance and health care agreements in a manner which prevents unfair competition among insurers and is conducive to the accurate presentation and description to the insurance buying public of a policy or agreement of such insurance offered through various advertising media. RCW 48.30.040, 48.44.110 and 48.46.130 prohibit false, deceptive or misleading advertising in the conduct of the business of insurance and in the conduct of the business of a health care service contractor and a health maintenance organization. Because those statutes establish only general standards, this regulation establishes specific standards for advertisements relating to individual, group, blanket, and franchise disability, insurance and individual and group health care service contractors' agreements and health maintenance agreements.
[Order R-76-2, § 284-50-010, filed 3/4/76; Order R-73-1, § 284-50-010, filed 2/28/73, effective 4/1/73.]
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