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PDFWAC 284-44-030

Contract format required.

Every health care service contract issued or renewed after December 31, 1974 shall conform to the following format standards:
(1) The style, arrangement and over-all appearance of the contract shall give no undue prominence to any portion of the text, and every printed portion of the text of the contract and of any endorsements or attached papers shall be plainly printed in type of a style in general use, the size of which shall be uniform and not less than eight-point with a lower-case unspaced alphabet length not less than one hundred and twenty-point. The "text" shall include all printed matter except the name and address of the contractor, name or title of the policy, a brief description if any, and captions and subcaptions.
(2) The exceptions, reductions, and limitations (as those terms are defined in WAC 284-50-030) shall be set forth in the contract either included with the benefit provisions to which they apply, or under an appropriate caption such as "exclusions," "exceptions," or "exceptions and limitations," except that if an exception, reduction, or limitation specifically applies only to a particular benefit under the contract, a statement of such exception, reduction, or limitation shall be included with the benefit provision to which it applies.
(3) Each form, including riders and endorsements, shall be identified by a form number in the lower left hand corner of the first page thereof.
(4) It shall contain no provision purporting to make any portion of the contractor's charter, rules, constitution, articles of incorporation, or bylaws a part of the contract if the effect of such provision would be to incorporate into the contract exceptions, reductions, limitations or additional charges not otherwise set forth in the contract, unless such portion is set forth in full in the contract, or is attached thereto.
[Order R-74-1, ยง 284-44-030, filed 6/4/74, effective 8/1/74.]
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