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PDFWAC 284-38-200

Annual reporting requirements.

(1) Every certificate holder must electronically file with the commissioner a completed annual report within 60 days of its fiscal year end. A copy of the annual report form and instructions for completing and filing the annual report are available on the commissioner's website at
(2) As an ongoing statement of financial condition, required under RCW 48.38.010(10), the certificate holder must annually electronically file the following financial reports:
(a)(i) An audited financial statement specific to the certificate holder prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for the fiscal year immediately preceding; or
(ii) A consolidated audited financial statement prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for the fiscal year immediately preceding, which includes a supplemental schedule specific to the certificate holder.
(b) Unless permanently exempt in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, file a complete public inspection copy of the certificate holder's IRS Form 990 within fifteen days of its filing with the IRS.
(c) Any other financial information required by the commissioner.
(3) The audited financial statement must be filed within 15 days of the release date following the certificate holder's fiscal year end.
(4) The failure by a certificate holder to file an audited financial statement within nine months following its most recent fiscal year end, and when applicable its IRS Form 990 within 15 days of its filing with the IRS, will constitute a finding as referenced under RCW 48.38.050 that the certificate holder failed to provide a satisfactory statement of financial condition as required under RCW 48.38.010(10). The finding may subject the certificate holder to disciplinary action as allowed under RCW 48.38.050.
(5) An encrypted or password protected filing or transmission is not considered filed under RCW 48.38.010(10) and this section.
(6) For purposes of determining whether a filing deadline has been met, a document is considered received if electronically submitted on or before the date it is due.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060 and 48.38.010(10). WSR 21-24-100 (Matter No. R 2021-22), § 284-38-200, filed 12/1/21, effective 1/1/22. Statutory Authority: RCW 48.38.075, 48.38.010 (9) and (10), and 48.38.030. WSR 14-05-017 (Matter No. R 2013-24), § 284-38-200, filed 2/10/14, effective 3/15/14.]
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