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PDFWAC 284-30-500

Unfair practices with respect to vehicle insurance.

(1) The following practices by any insurer with respect to every vehicle liability insurance policy applicable to private passenger automobiles registered or principally garaged in this state are unfair and prohibited:
(a) Failing to provide, to any insured under such policy, liability limits at least as great as those required by RCW 46.29.090, as measured at the effective date of the applicable policy or its renewal;
(b) Denying or limiting liability coverage in such policy to less than the insured's policy limits solely because the injured person qualifies as an insured as defined in RCW 48.22.005 (5)(a);
(c) Denying or limiting liability coverage in such policy, with respect to injuries sustained by motorcycle passengers, to an amount below the bodily injury liability limits required by RCW 46.29.090, if the policy provides liability coverage for an insured's ownership, operation, or use of a motorcycle.
(2) With respect to vehicle insurance policies applicable to private passenger vehicles registered or principally garaged in this state, failing to provide a named insured an itemization of the premium costs for the coverages under the policy if there are identifiable separate premium charges for the coverages is unfair and prohibited. The required itemization must be given to a named insured no later than at the time of delivery of a policy and must accompany each offer to renew thereafter.
(3) It is an unfair practice for any insurer to consider traffic violations or accidents which occurred more than three years in the past, with respect to the acceptance, rejection, cancellation or nonrenewal of any insured under a private passenger automobile insurance policy, unless, because of the individual's violations, accidents or driving record during the three years immediately past, the earlier violations or accidents are significantly relevant to the individual's qualifications for insurance.
(4) For purposes of this section, the definition of a "private passenger automobile" is: (a) That set forth in RCW 48.18.297, including a motorcycle except as otherwise specifically provided in this section; or (b) a personal vehicle with a private passenger automobile policy with a rider or endorsement as described in RCW 48.177.010 (2)(a).
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