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PDFWAC 284-26-230

Arbitrage transactions under RCW 48.08.150.

It shall be unlawful for any director or officer of an insurer to effect any foreign or domestic arbitrage transaction in any equity security of such insurer, unless he shall include such transaction in the statements required by RCW 48.08.110 and shall account to such insurer for the profits arising from such transaction, as provided in RCW 48.08.120. The provisions of RCW 48.08.130 shall not apply to such arbitrage transactions. The provisions of the act shall not apply to any bona fide foreign or domestic arbitrage transaction insofar as it is effected by any person other than such director or officer of the insurer.
[Order R-69-3, ยง 284-26-230, filed 2/7/69.]
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