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PDFWAC 284-26-060

Exemptions from RCW 48.08.110 and 48.08.120.

(1) During the period of twelve months following their appointment and qualification, securities held by the following persons shall be exempt from RCW 48.08.110 and 48.08.120:
(a) Executors or administrators of the estate of a decedent;
(b) Guardians or committees for an incompetent; and
(c) Receivers, trustees in bankruptcy, assignees for the benefit of creditors, conservators, liquidating agents, and other similar persons duly authorized by law to administer the estate or assets of other persons.
(2) After the twelve-month period following their appointment or qualification the foregoing persons shall be required to file reports with respect to the securities held by the estates which they administer under RCW 48.08.110 and shall be liable for profits realized from trading in such securities pursuant to RCW 48.08.120 only when the estate being administered is a beneficial owner of more than ten per cent of any class of equity security of an insurer subject to the act.
(3) Securities reacquired by or for the account of an insurer and held by it for its account shall be exempt from RCW 48.08.110 and 48.08.120 during the time they are held by the insurer.
[Order R-69-3, ยง 284-26-060, filed 2/7/69.]
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