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PDFWAC 284-24D-110

How should reporting entities assign claim and incident identifiers?

(1) Consistent with requirements of RCW 48.140.030(1), the reporting entity must assign a different claim identification number to each closed claim report.
(a) The claim identifier must consist solely of numbers. When the reporting entity enters a claim into the reporting site, the site will automatically combine the reporting entity's user ID with the claim identifier to create a unique record identifier for each claim.
(b) The OIC will use the record identifier to trace the claim for auditing purposes.
(2) If a claimant makes claims against more than one facility or provider, the insuring entity or self-insurer must report each claim separately and include an incident identifier.
(a) The incident identifier for companion claims must consist solely of numbers.
(b) The insuring entity or self-insurer is responsible to report claims only if it provides insurance coverage for a facility or provider and defends the claim.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.140.060, and 7.70.140. WSR 07-12-057 (Matter No. R 2006-02), ยง 284-24D-110, filed 6/4/07, effective 7/22/07.]
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