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PDFWAC 284-19-050


(1) "Insurer" means any insurance company or other organization licensed to write and engage in writing property insurance business, including the property insurance components of multiperil policies, on a direct basis, in this state.
(2) "Essential property insurance" means the coverage against direct loss to real and tangible personal property at a fixed location that is provided in the standard fire policy and extended coverage endorsement, and shall include also the perils of vandalism and malicious mischief and such additional lines of property insurance as may be designated by the commissioner. Essential property insurance specifically includes insurance against direct loss to property which is being constructed or rehabilitated (builder's risk coverage). It does not include automobile insurance or insurance on farm or manufacturing risks.
(3) "Industry placement facility" (referred to as the facility) means the organization formed by insurers to assist applicants in securing essential property insurance and to administer the FAIR plan and the joint reinsurance association.
(4) "Inspection bureau" means the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau.
(5) "Premiums written" means gross direct premiums (excluding that portion of premiums on risks ceded to the joint reinsurance association) charged during the second preceding calendar year with respect to property in this state on all policies of property insurance and property insurance components of all multiperil policies, as defined and computed by the facility, less return premiums, dividends paid or credited to policyholders, or the unused or unabsorbed portions of premium deposits.
(6) A "service insurer" means any company designated by the facility and approved by the commissioner to issue policies under this program.
(7) "Commissioner" means the commissioner of insurance of the state of Washington.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060. WSR 06-15-030 (Matter No. R 2006-03), § 284-19-050, filed 7/10/06, effective 8/10/06; WSR 98-13-095 (Matter No. R 98-10), § 284-19-050, filed 6/16/98, effective 7/17/98; Order R-73-2, § 284-19-050, filed 3/30/73; Order R-70-1, § 284-19-050, filed 7/31/70; Order R-69-1, § 284-19-050, filed 1/28/69.]
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