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PDFWAC 284-18-920

Form B.

Filed with the Insurance Department of the State of
Name of Registrant
On Behalf of Following Insurance Companies
Date:                 , 20          
Name, Title, Address, and Telephone Number of Individual to Whom Notices and Correspondence Concerning This Statement Should Be Addressed:
Furnish the exact name of each insurer registering or being registered (hereinafter called "the registrant"), the home office address and principal executive offices of each; the date on which each registrant became part of the insurance holding company system; and the method(s) by which control of each registrant was acquired and is maintained.
Furnish a chart or listing clearly presenting the identities of and interrelationships among all affiliated persons within the insurance holding company system. The chart or listing must show the percentage of each class of voting securities of each affiliate which is owned, directly or indirectly, by another affiliate. If control of any person within the system is maintained other than by the ownership or control of voting securities, indicate the basis of the control. As to each person specified in the chart or listing indicate the type of organization (e.g., corporation, trust, partnership) and the state or other jurisdiction of domicile.
As to the ultimate controlling person in the insurance holding company system furnish the following information:
(a) Name.
(b) Home office address.
(c) Principal executive office address.
(d) The organizational structure of the person, i.e., corporation, partnership, individual, trust, etc.
(e) The principal business of the person.
(f) The name and address of any person who holds or owns ten percent or more of any class of voting security, the class of the security, the number of shares held of record or known to be beneficially owned, and the percentage of class so held or owned.
(g) If court proceedings involving a reorganization or liquidation are pending, indicate the title and location of the court, the nature of proceedings and the date when commenced.
If the ultimate controlling person is a corporation, an organization, a limited liability company, or other legal entity, furnish the following information for the directors and executive officers of the ultimate controlling person: The individual's name and address, his or her principal occupation and all offices and positions held during the past five years, and any conviction of crimes other than minor traffic violations during the past ten years. If the ultimate controlling person is an individual, furnish the individual's name and address, his or her principal occupation and all offices and positions held during the past five years, and any convictions of crimes other than minor traffic violations.
Briefly describe the following agreements in force, and transactions currently outstanding or which have occurred during the last calendar year between the registrant and its affiliates:
(a) Loans, other investments, or purchases, sales or exchanges of securities of the affiliates by the registrant or of the registrant by its affiliates;
(b) Purchases, sales or exchanges of assets;
(c) Transactions not in the ordinary course of business;
(d) Guarantees or undertakings for the benefit of an affiliate which result in an actual contingent exposure of the registrant's assets to liability, other than insurance contracts entered into in the ordinary course of the registrant's business;
(e) All management agreements, service contracts and all cost-sharing arrangements;
(f) Reinsurance agreements;
(g) Dividends and other distributions to shareholders;
(h) Consolidated tax allocation agreements; and
(i) Any pledge of the registrant's stock or of the stock of any subsidiary or controlling affiliate, for a loan made to any member of the insurance holding company system.
No information need be disclosed if such information is not material for purposes of RCW 48.31B.025.
Sales, purchases, exchanges, loans or extensions of credit, investments or guarantees involving one-half of one percent or less of the registrant's admitted assets as of the preceding December 31st are not material. (Note: Commissioner may by rule, regulation, or order provide otherwise.)
The description must be in a manner as to permit the proper evaluation thereof by the commissioner, and must include at least the following: The nature and purpose of the transaction, the nature and amounts of any payments or transfers of assets between the parties, the identity of all parties to the transaction, and relationship of the affiliated parties to the registrant.
A brief description of any litigation or administrative proceedings of the following types, either then pending or concluded within the preceding fiscal year, to which the ultimate controlling person or any of its directors or executive officers was a party or of which the property of any person is or was the subject; give the names of the parties and the court or agency in which the litigation or proceeding is or was pending:
(a) Criminal prosecutions or administrative proceedings by any government agency or authority which may be relevant to the trustworthiness of any party thereto; and
(b) Proceedings which may have a material effect upon the solvency or capital structure of the ultimate holding company including, but not necessarily limited to, bankruptcy, receivership or other corporate reorganizations.
The insurer must furnish a statement that transactions entered into since the filing of the prior year's annual registration statement are not part of a plan or series of like transactions, the purpose of which is to avoid statutory threshold amounts and the review that might otherwise occur.
(a) Financial statements and exhibits must be attached to this statement as an appendix, but list under this item the financial statements and exhibits so attached.
(b) If the ultimate controlling person is a corporation, an organization, a limited liability company, or other legal entity, the financial statements must include the annual financial statements of the ultimate controlling person in the insurance holding company system as of the end of the person's latest fiscal year.
If at the time of the initial registration, the annual financial statements for the latest fiscal year are not available, annual statements for the previous fiscal year may be filed and similar financial information must be filed for any subsequent period to the extent such information is available. The financial statements may be prepared on either an individual basis, or unless the commissioner otherwise requires, on a consolidated basis if the consolidated statements are prepared in the usual course of business.
Other than with respect to the foregoing, the financial statements must be filed in a standard form and format adopted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, unless an alternative form is accepted by the commissioner. Documentation and financial statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission or audited GAAP financial statements are an appropriate form and format.
Unless the commissioner otherwise permits, the annual financial statements must be accompanied by the certificate of an independent public accountant to the effect that the statements present fairly the financial position of the ultimate controlling person and the results of its operations for the year then ended, in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles or with requirements of insurance or other accounting principles prescribed or permitted under law. If the ultimate controlling person is an insurer which is actively engaged in the business of insurance, the annual financial statements need not be certified, provided they are based on the annual statement of the insurer's domiciliary state and are in accordance with requirements of insurance or other accounting principles prescribed or permitted under the law and regulations of that state.
Any ultimate controlling person who is an individual may file personal financial statements that are reviewed rather than audited by an independent public accountant. The review must be conducted in accordance with standards for review of personal financial statements published in the personal financial statements guide by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Personal financial statements must be accompanied by the independent public accountant's standard review report stating that the accountant is not aware of any material modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for the financial statements to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.
(c) Exhibits must include copies of the latest annual reports to shareholders of the ultimate controlling person and proxy material used by the ultimate controlling person; and any additional documents or papers required by Form B or WAC 284-18-300 and 284-18-320.
A Form C, Summary of Changes to Registration Statement, must be prepared and filed with this Form B.
Signature and certification required as follows:
Under the requirements of RCW 48.31B.025, the registrant has caused this annual registration statement to be duly signed on its behalf in the City of                and State of          on the        day of            , 20        .
Name of Registrant
(Signature of Officer)
The undersigned deposes and says that (s)he has duly executed the attached annual registration statement dated               , 20        , for and on behalf of (Name of Company) ; that (s)he is the (Title of Officer) of the company and that (s)he is authorized to execute and file the instrument. Deponent further says that (s)he is familiar with the instrument and the contents thereof, and that the facts therein set forth are true to the best of his/her knowledge, information and belief.
(Type or print name beneath)
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.31B.040, chapter 48.31B RCW, and 2015 c 122. WSR 15-22-062 (Matter No. R 2015-05), § 284-18-920, filed 10/30/15, effective 1/1/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060 and 1993 c 462 § 9. WSR 93-19-005 (Order R 93-9), § 284-18-920, filed 9/1/93, effective 10/2/93.]
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