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PDFWAC 284-17-270

Insurance continuing education providers and continuing education program coordinatorsStandards and approval.

An individual, business entity, or organization that seeks to become a continuing education provider must meet the requirements of RCW 48.17.563 and submit the proper application for approval to act as a continuing insurance education provider.
(1) At the time of submitting the provider application, the applicant must also submit an application for course and credit approval.
(2) If the applicant meets the requirements of chapters 48.17 RCW and 284-17 WAC and the commissioner approves the applicant's first course, the applicant may be approved as a provider for continuing education courses. The application forms can be found on the commissioner's website at
(3) The applicant must name a continuing education program coordinator on the provider application.
(4) Approval of the continuing education program coordinator:
(a) The applicant must fully disclose to the commissioner any regulatory or legal action related to the honesty, integrity, or professional or occupational activities of the applicant and the continuing education program coordinator.
(b) If the applicant or continuing education program coordinator has had an occupational or professional license revoked in any state, or has been convicted of a crime, the commissioner may decline the application.
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