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PDFWAC 262-03-050

Proposal to debar.

(1) If the debarment and disqualification officer determines that cause for the respondent's debarment can be established by a preponderance of the evidence, the debarment and disqualification officer may initiate proceedings pursuant to this section. Upon the decision to initiate proceedings pursuant to this section, the debarment and disqualification officer will notify the respondent of its proposal to debar by personal service or certified mail.
(2) The notice will inform the respondent that debarment is being considered, the effect of a debarment, and the reasons for the proposed debarment. The notice will also include information about the administrative review, hearings and appeals processes available to the respondent pursuant to WAC 262-03-070 through 262-03-090.
(3) A proposal to debar may, but need not, be preceded by a temporary disqualification. A proposal to debar by itself will not have any immediate effect on the respondent's status as a participant in any commission program.
(4) Upon notification of the commission's proposal to debar, the respondent will be entitled to the procedures set forth in WAC 262-03-070 through 262-03-090.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.180 RCW. WSR 97-16-019, ยง 262-03-050, filed 7/28/97, effective 8/28/97.]
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