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PDFWAC 260-60-460

Cancellation of claims.

(1) If within thirty days from the running of the race, in which a horse is claimed, the stewards find that a claim was made in violation of the rules of racing the stewards may disallow and cancel any such claim and order the return of the horse and order the return and refund the claim amount. In deciding whether to cancel a claim the stewards will consider which party was at fault, the status of the horse at the time the claiming violation is discovered, and such other factors as appropriate. Should the stewards cancel a claim, they may order, as appropriate, payment for the care and maintenance of the horse involved. The stewards may refer to the commission for further action any case involving a violation of the rules of racing with respect to a claim regardless of whether the stewards deem it appropriate to order the cancellation of the claim.
(2) The stewards will void a claim if the following occurs:
(a) The horse dies or suffers a catastrophic injury during the running of the race and is euthanized prior to leaving the track, or must be euthanized due to an injury suffered prior to when the official transfer of the horse has taken place.
(b) If, within two hours of the official "off time" of the race and following an injury incurred during the race, the official veterinarian, in consultation with the practicing veterinarian, determines that it would be inhumane to prolong treatment in an attempt to save the horse, even for nonperformance purposes, the horse is euthanized. If the original owner of the horse disputes the official veterinarian's determination to euthanize, they may retain ownership of the horse and the claim will be voided.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.020. WSR 18-07-023, § 260-60-460, filed 3/9/18, effective 4/9/18; WSR 17-05-058, § 260-60-460, filed 2/10/17, effective 3/13/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.020 and 67.16.040. WSR 08-05-088, § 260-60-460, filed 2/15/08, effective 3/17/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.040. WSR 96-12-008, § 260-60-460, filed 5/23/96, effective 6/23/96.]
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