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PDFWAC 260-60-380

Prohibited actions.

(1) No official or other employee of any association may give any information as to the filing of claims until after the race has been run.
(2) A person is prohibited from offering, or entering into an agreement, to claim or not to claim, or attempting to prevent another person from claiming, any horse in a claiming race.
(3) A person is prohibited from attempting, by intimidation, to prevent any one from running a horse in any race for which it is entered.
(4) An owner or trainer, starting a horse in any claiming race, is prohibited from making any agreement for the protection of each other's horses from being claimed by a third party.
(5) A person is prohibited from participating in any claim for a horse in which he/she has a financial or beneficial interest.
(6) A person must not cause another person to claim a horse for the purpose of obtaining or retaining an undisclosed financial or beneficial interest in the horse.
(7) A person must not claim a horse, or enter into any agreement to have a horse claimed, on behalf of an ineligible or undisclosed person.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.020 and 67.16.040. WSR 08-05-088, § 260-60-380, filed 2/15/08, effective 3/17/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.040. WSR 96-12-008, § 260-60-380, filed 5/23/96, effective 6/23/96.]
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